We are part of the Humber, Coast and Vale Sustainability and Transformation Plan

The Humber Coast and Vale Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) is the first stage in a programme of work that was started in April 2016 by a partnership of local authorities, NHS commissioners and providers and other community based organisations.

STPs are about making practical changes in the way we deliver services for people and communities. Our vision is for everyone living in Humber Coast and Vale to start well, live well and age well and to do that, we must support everyone to manage their own care better, reduce dependence on hospitals and use our resources more efficiently so that we can all rely upon access to good, safe services into the future.

Cover of the Summary Document which explains what the STP is all about

Click on the image above to read a summary version of the STP.

You can also download the full document.

Over the coming months we will build on the engagement we have carried out over the past two years, talking to local people and our staff about the plan. We will be working with Healthwatch and other voluntary sector partners to make sure that we have sought and heard views from a wide range of communities and the ideas from those groups will be built into our plans.

You can view a series of Frequently Asked Questions about the STP. If these don't answer your questions, you can send us an email.

You can contact us now with your views in a number of ways:

You can send us an email.

You can write Freepost to



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