A&E or 999

A&E isn’t always the best place to go. You may get faster treatment elsewhere.

Emergency services are always busy but this is particularly true during the winter.

You should only attend A&E (sometimes known as “Casualty”) if you are badly hurt, seriously ill or if you have been advised to go there by SPA (or NHS 111), your GP or a Pharmacist.

This includes when someone:

• is unconscious
• has severe chest pain
• has a fever and is persistently lethargic despite having paracetamol or ibuprofen
• has a head injury and vomiting
• has heavy blood loss
• is having difficulty breathing (breathing fast, panting or are very wheezy)
• has severe abdominal pain
• has a cut that won’t stop bleeding or is gaping open
• has a leg or arm injury and can’t use the limb
• has swallowed poison or tablets
• has an object lodged in nose or ear.

There are A&E departments at the Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital, Scartho Road, Grimsby, DN33 2BA and at Scunthorpe General Hospital, Cliff Gardens, Scunthorpe, North East Lincolnshire DN15 7BH.

For everything else, please ring our Single Point of Acess (SPA) on 01472 256256