2015/16 Corporate and HR related FOI Responses

2015/16 Responses


Attachments Summary of Information Requested
NEL 510   Contracts with CSU or Medicines Management
NEL 512 Attachment Governing Body Members / Time commitments, Remuneration and Contract types
NEL 518   Employee's paid off-payroll in the financial years 2013/14 and 2014/15
NEL 520   Staff employed in Communications
NEL 530   Contact information / Director / Head of Business Intelligence / Informatics / IT / Head Of Commissioning / Director of Transformation / Director of Finance / Chief Finance Officer / Chief Information Officer / Chief Operating Officer /Head of Performance Management / Director of Quality / Business Intelligence
NEL 540   Direct and Indirect, financial and other interests in pharmaceutical companies or device/dressing etc supply companies
NEL 567   Budget Holder for CCG job title / Commissioners within CCG job titles
NEL 589   Info on Contracts since April 2013, who was awarded/the value
NEL 590   Detailed information on waste, refuse and recycling contracts
NEL 610   GP Federations
NEL 612   Contact details and CCG structure
NEL 614   management consultancy contracts £250,000+
NEL 689   Staff Flu Vaccinations
NEL 696   Systems Resilience Group (SRG)
NEL 705   Executive members of staff details of employment
NEL 715   GP Networks / Federations / Alliance
NEL 727   Special educational needs provision (SEN)
NEL 731   Information Governance Team information
NEL 734   Spend on and provider of legal services
NEL 740

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Child and Young People's Mental Health and Wellbeing Local Transformation Plan / self-assessment checklist
NEL 743   GP / management / nursing / finance / secondary care / clinical staff members
NEL 746   Organisational chart
NEL 747   Ipsos MORI 360 degree stakeholder surveys / Governing Body Members
NEL 752   NLA (Newspaper Licensing Agency) or CLA (Copyright Licensing Agency)

Human Resources

Attachments Summary of Information Requested
NEL 503   Time off work by GPs due to mental health
NEL 515   Highest paid General Practitioners
NEL 517   24 Hour Retirement
NEL 543    Pension scheme members that were REFUSED early release of their pension request, using schemes rule 85, at employers discretion.
NEL 560   Special Severance Payments
NEL 574   Agency Spends
NEL 703    Safe nursing and midwifery staffing levels
NEL 728   Money spent on agency staff