Get involved in your local NHS

The CCG is looking for enthusiastic Accord members for a number of new volunteer community lead roles. Community Leads work closely with clinicians and managers in Triangles to design and improve commissioned services. The new opportunities are:

Mental Health and Disabilities

This Triangle covers Health and Adult Social Care commissioning across a wide range of Mental Health, Learning Disability, and Physical Disability issues. The previous community lead has stepped down at the end of their term of office so this role is now vacant.

Long Term Conditions (new role)

Long term conditions are health problems that can't be cured but can be controlled by medication or other therapies. The focus of work for this triangle includes respiratory, cardiology, diabetes and prediabetes, stroke and ophthalmology.

Patient Experience (new role)

The Patient Experience Community Lead will work with members of the CCG Quality team to gather information about patients, carers and families experiences of the care they receive through complaints, comments and compliments to identify opportunities for improvements.

What is it like being a Community Lead for the CCG?

We asked one of our existing Community Leads, Christine Foreman about her experience in the role.

Q - What is your role Christine?

A - I work with Nicola McVeigh and Dr Sinha on the Community Care Triangle. We cover a range ofservices to support people to remain as independent as possible for as long as possible at home.

Q - What do you enjoy about it?

A - I have been involved in the local community for many years. I am able to share that practical knowledge and make a meaningful contribution to plans.

Q - What support do you receive?

A - Nicola and the team at the CCG are an inspiration to work with and are very supportive.

Q - What are Community Forum meetings like?

A - We receive updates about current health and social care plans. We exchange ideas and information about issues relevant to our individual roles.

Q - What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about becoming a community lead?

A - If you want to share the knowledge and experience you have gained from life itself, and want to carry on learning, apply to be a community lead. It can be frustrating at times but overall it is very rewarding.


If you want to find out more please send an email to or ring us on 0300 3000 567