Single Point of Access

Your health, wellbeing and independence are really important and no one wants to have to go around the houses looking for advice they can trust.

That’s why we’ve brought together all the professional advice and guidance around health, wellbeing and adult social work in North East Lincolnshire and put it in one place that you can ring 24 hours a day, seven days a week (including Bank Holidays). 

Welcome to the North East Lincolnshire SPA.

There’s just one number to call 01472 256 256 – “Why not save it in your phone?”

Single Point of Access (SPA) is for all enquiries about:

• physical health;
• mental health;
• adult social care.

SPA enables you to always have access to speak to a friendly and knowledgeable local person whatever the time of day. They will either be able to answer your question straight away or will put you in touch with the right professional or organisation.

It’s your single point into the wide range of wellbeing support that North East Lincolnshire has to offer; from Out of Hours GPs and Mental Health services to wellbeing advice and social work support.

SPA is about making it easier to access local services that support you and the people you care about to live well, feel better and recover from periods of ill health.

Health and adult social care in our area is planned by North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG). The CCG’s vision is to simplify the way people can access these important services by bringing them together under one phone number.

People have been able to ring this number for Community Health and Social Care support, advice and information 24/7 for some time now. It has worked really well and we have now extended the service so people can use the same number to ring GP Out of Hours or to ask for support from local mental health services.