2015/16 Finance and Informatics Related FOI Responses

2015/16 Responses



Response Letter Attachments Summary of Information Requested
NEL 505   Investigations into allegations re: NHS Continuing Healthcare fraud
NEL 507   CCG spend/spent on Management Consultants each year since 2012
NEL 509   Legal Spends/fee's in Government
NEL 527   Total CCG budget for the financial year 2014/15. Total spent on Pathology services in the financial year 2014/15 (PRIMARY CARE ONLY).  Total unit activity of Pathology services in financial year 2014/15 (PRIMARY CARE ONLY).
NEL 541   Total Budget for 2014/2015 2014/15. Total primary care spends projected primary care spend in 2015/16
NEL 582   spend on procuring external support from a CSU
NEL 587   Spends on obesity
NEL 594   QIPP plan
NEL 595   Finance and Activity Plan for 2015 - 2016
NEL 606   Spends on non-medical, non-clinical interim staff
NEL 608   Payments to Confederation of British Industry  in Membership Fees
NEL 618   Agencies used to provide locum doctors and the fees paid to them
NEL 621   Plans for reinvesting PMS Premium Funding
NEL 644   Spends on locum/Agency staff
NEL 654   Funding allocated/budgeted for spending on Physical Activity or Exercise and estimate of Current Financial Year total spend.
NEL 660 Attachment Expenditure on procurement budget 2010-2014
NEL 608   Payments to Confederation of British Industry  in Membership Fees, Fees for conferences and Events, Fees for other services
NEL 700   Expenditure in the financial year 2014-15 for residential and nursing care placements for people with mental health problems
NEL 730   Banking Services / Audit services / Card Processing Services



Response Letter Attachements Summary of Information Requested
NEL 528   ICT Documents
NEL 544   Annual basis how much does the Trust spend on sending text message or email reminders of appointments for treatment to patients
NEL 547   Computer/ IT Location / Annual IT budgets / IT projects planned with a budget over £50,000 / contact details / Contract info
NEL 551   Desktop Network Helpdesk Support Contracts / Contractual information Primary Contracts, support services, help/service desk, desktop support, network support / Help service desk support single point of contact between service provider/use
NEL 552   Budget allocated for ICT technical training 1/4/15 – 31/3/16
NEL 568    List of every database authority holds alongside a description of what database is / just names and descriptions
NEL 596   I.T Documents
NEL 620   IT security licence and cost information and IT Equipment information.
NEL 631   Contract information with regards to the organisation’s telephone system maintenance contract (VOIP or PBX, other) for hardware and Software maintenance and support
NEL 650 Attachment Software contracts Information
NEL 651 Attachment Provision of IT SLA
NEL 662   Does CCG store/process data in the US, Safe Harbour Agreement in play
NEL 666   Information regarding Mobile phone contracts
NEL 679   Software development and testing framework
NEL 699   Contribution of information from Apple HealthKit or Google Fit to the personal health record held by their GP
NEL 711   LAN Contract