Get Involved

Our CCG is led by local GPs and is very much driven by the community we serve. The decisions we make about services for this area are shaped and influenced by our Community Forum and taken in collaboration with our local community, for example through our network of local people, known as Accord. We have found that our decisions and our plans are the richer for their contribution.

People should be at the very forefront of planning their own care and what you tell us is seen as an opportunity to review the services we plan and buy to make sure they are fit for purpose and meet the needs of the people who live and work in North East Lincolnshire.

This year the CCG continued to deliver our strategic aims to strengthen public and stakeholder involvement in our work as set out in our Engagement Strategy to:

  • Effectively engage and communicate with member practices
  • Have a community that is well engaged, well informed and interested in local health, well-being and social care
  • Effectively involve the public and stakeholders in commissioning decisions
  • Ensure our partners and other key interested parties are kept engaged and informed
  • Have supported and valued staff who are well informed and engaged
  • Actively engage with local providers and secondary care clinicians

An accessible Easy Read version of the strategy was also developed and published on the CCG website in May 2016.

Please explore the links to the left of the page to find out about opportunities to get involved, see our strategies, read the feedback from past engagement activities and find out about our events.

How can I get involved?

Join your local patient participation group

Most GP surgeries have patient groups. These give you a chance to feed back on the way your surgery is being run, from the appointment system to the car parking. Contact your surgery for more information.

Join the Accord membership

Join the 2,500+ people who are part of the Accord membership and get involved as much or as little as you like.

Take part in current consultations or surveys

We regularly ask for your views on current surveys on consultations. You don’t need to be part of a group or Accord to feed back either. Find out about our latest consultations here.

Attend The Listening Shop and give feedback

People are invited to informal drop in sessions to chat to members of the PALS Team and Accord Ambassadors about their experiences of local health and care services.
Find out more about The Listening Shop