Feeling under the weather this winter?

How many times have you been to see your local pharmacist for health advice or information? I should think that most people can count the number of times on one hand. Often people don’t seek advice for minor illnesses because they don’t think it’s serious enough, or they don’t want to waste their pharmacist’s or

Make the pledge to be an Antibiotic Guardian

There is no doubt that antibiotics have saved millions of lives since they were first prescribed in the 1930s, yet ironically their success could be the very thing that kills us. Antibiotic resistance is a very real threat, but what does it mean and why should people care? If used correctly antibiotics cure bacterial infections, but they are

Dementia Cash vs Dementia Care

Dementia has been in the news again recently as plans are being introduced to pay GPs £55 every time they diagnose someone with the condition. Not surprisingly this plan has been criticised; surely there are better ways to manage people with dementia and improve diagnosis rates? Alternatively we can start by creating a far more

Breaking down the barriers in care

I was interested to learn about a national report by the National Audit Office calling for health services to better ‘integrate urgent care’. My first thought was ‘but we’re already doing that in North East Lincolnshire and we have been doing for years!’ Luckily for our patients, we didn’t need a national report

Changing the status quo

We all have an opinion on the NHS services we receive, but how many of us actually feedback our experiences, whether it’s to make sure poor treatment is reported, or even more unlikely, to thank someone for their overwhelming support? It is such a boost for the morale of staff when good feedback is received, but as a society we are slow to

Your GP Cares Campaign

The ethos of a small practice is that each patient registered to the practice is known on a more personal note. I’ve been a GP for five years and I know my patients feel reassured and much happier when they get to see me or speak me to on the phone. For many of my older patients this is very important to them and they value a

Turning pipe dreams into a reality

Two years ago I was at an event where a vision for end-of-life care in North East Lincolnshire was presented and I can honestly say that this has now become a reality. I have personally seen and experienced the remarkable difference in care from an Easter Bank Holiday weekend three years ago when no-one was available to administer vital pain

Challenging times need positivity and innovation from NHS staff

I was interested to read this article recently: We bean counters need to speak out about NHS cuts. No doubt, this is a challenging time for the NHS and it’s a tough place for the finance function to be in as we are often seen as the ones bringing the gloomy message, but by working together with all our colleagues I feel that we can ensure