Improving services for the frail and elderly

A recent report highlighted that 65% of emergency hospital admissions in 2012-13 were from people who are aged 85 or over. While this is a national figure we do see a lot of older people coming into Grimsby A&E, especially in the winter months. We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some warm weather recently so winter seems very far away. But

How do we keep the cost of medicines down?

Treating diabetes swallowed up over £800m from the national NHS budget last year. It’s a significant number that is, unfortunately, likely to rise again before it falls. In our area more people have diabetes than the national average; 6.4% of people in North East Lincolnshire are diagnosed, costing us 10% of our annual budget. So

The reality of life in a GP surgery

It’s not every day you get the chance to appear on a BBC TV programme, but that’s exactly what’s happened to our team at Field House Medical Group recently. We were approached by a television production company (the makers of Channel 4’s Educating Yorkshire) looking for GP practices to take part in a fly-on-the-wall

GP Waiting Times

It’s important that you can see a doctor when you or a loved one needs to, which is something that we’re pretty good at in North East Lincolnshire. Recently many other areas of the country were criticised in the news for GP appointment waiting times that are longer than ever. But 92% of people in North East Lincolnshire were able to

Re-energizing the community

There’s never been a better time to get involved in local health and social care services, and what’s even better is that it’s never been easier! I was at a relaunch event for our local community membership group Accord recently.  If you haven’t already heard of Accord it’s a scheme that has been around since

Rolling up your sleeves and making a difference

I have often been asked whether it's right for someone without a medical background to be Chair of a health organisation like North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group. It's a fair question, but when I explain how our CCG is structured it's clear that many other CCGs across the country are beginning to sit up and take notice. I've

Award-winning project...Better care that saves money

Keeping an eye on the purse strings for health and social care remains a challenge as we’re faced with smaller budgets whilst being expected to fund services for an aging population who have more and more complex needs. Let’s face it: money is tight, so a big part of my job is to find new ways to deliver services that are good value

From Cleethorpes to London

Not many people get the chance to see inside the House of Commons but this week I went to London with my wife to do just that! Earlier in the year I was nominated for a Heat Hero Award for helping people in Cleethorpes and Grimsby living in fuel poverty. North East Lincolnshire Council organised the training with the National Energy Action and