GP Waiting Times

It’s important that you can see a doctor when you or a loved one needs to, which is something that we’re pretty good at in North East Lincolnshire.

Recently many other areas of the country were criticised in the news for GP appointment waiting times that are longer than ever. But 92% of people in North East Lincolnshire were able to see a GP when they needed to, which makes us one of the best areas in the country! See a break down of GP waiting times by CCG area below.

Our CCG has set itself a local target to ensure that we have low GP appointment waiting times. There are a number of initiatives in place across all our surgeries, such as text reminder systems to help people remember when their appointment is, and dedicated teams that deal with patients who have urgent health care needs.

Some people choose to go directly to A&E if their GP surgery is closed or they can’t get an appointment immediately; while we wouldn’t recommend this, we do have a team of GPs who work in the A&E department and will see and treat people who don’t need specialist treatment for an accident or emergency. This makes sure that the A&E staff are able to deal with the genuine accident and emergencies.

But it’s not all about performance and targets, it’s about patient experience. The health professionals in North East Lincolnshire know that we have to work together to make it easier for people to get the right health care services when they need to, but also give people the support and help they need to manage their own health better which will ultimately mean fewer trips to the doctors and the hospital and a better quality of life.

Dr Arun Nayyar
Clinical Lead for Planned Care and GP at the Roxton Practice

Source Royal College of GPs Patient Survey



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