Your GP Cares Campaign

The ethos of a small practice is that each patient registered to the practice is known on a more personal note. I’ve been a GP for five years and I know my patients feel reassured and much happier when they get to see me or speak me to on the phone. For many of my older patients this is very important to them and they value a face-to-face appointment. But as we’re all living longer and the number of older people continues to rise, can GP services continue to deliver services this way?

The roles of GPs have changed since the NHS restructure in 2013 and we have more responsibilities as services continue to develop and modernise. For instance we’re working more closely with the hospital and community services to help people with long-term conditions manage their health better, so they take fewer trips to the GP or hospital. Another example is the introduction of a video consultation trial with patients. While this move will bring benefits to patients in the long term, it brings additional pressure in the short term.

The British Medical Association (BMA) has launched a campaign, Your GP Cares. It’s calling for more support to help GP services to be fit for the future so we can continue to care for patients. The BMA is concerned about GP appointment waiting times, the length of appointment times and unsuitable facilities or buildings. More information about the campaign can be found here:

While our surgery has excellent facilities some of my patients have raised concerns about appointment times. I don’t want any of my patients to lose faith in services, but because we’re a traditional practice my patients are used to a traditional service. As the NHS continues to change we’re moving away from home visits and a GP appointment the very next day. Nurses are becoming more skilled and are taking on more responsibilities too.

I’m not against change and I realise it can bring significant improvements; I just want my patients to know that their GP does care.





Dr Mathews
Cromwell Primary Care Centre

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