Long Term Care

Long Term Care and continuing NHS healthcare (c. £24.9m)

These two elements of spend were previously been commissioned by the Primary Care Trust and Care Trust Plus separately, although they should be seen as supporting overlapping needs and will become increasingly integrated. The individual circumstances for each person with long term or continuing needs means that this commissioning activity involves working with a wide range of providers both locally and further afield.

In long term care we expect a quality and appropriately sized market that will continue to meet the needs of the frail elderly or vulnerable adult groups in a mixed economy of extra care or supported living alternatives. The CCG will continue its strategy of encouraging development of alternatives to long term care where this provides for greater independence, such as in the development of extra care housing.

Summary of commissioning activity for Long Term Care services

Name of current service                                                                                 
Current provider  
Value of contract in 2015/16  
Contract currency  
Quantity (i.e. episodes/people etc.)  
Key quality or performance criteria  
Contract last reviewed  
Expected review date  
Nature and extent of expected review  
Interdependence with other services we buy  

A detailed market position statement outlining the approach envisaged for these services can be found here