What is a Market Position Statement (MPS)?

Providers of adult health and social care services need to make informed decisions on relevant business opportunities in a local area. A Market Position Statement

  • Uses local intelligence to provide information that would underpin those decisions;  
  • Enables business planning; 
  • Stimulates the market; 
  • Leads to the commissioning of specific services required by the CCG.

This MPS sets out the way North East Lincolnshire CCG wishes to see the development of the local market of care provision to meet the needs of its population.

 North East Lincolnshire CCG has identified 10 areas of service (including carers) for which we intend to develop separate though related market position statements. The statements for Wellbeing and Prevention services, Long Term Care services and Secondary Care services have been completed whilst remaining service statements are under development.

For each of the services we intend to provide information on the following:

  • What the CCG currently commissions
  • Future needs and demand analysis
  • Strategic direction
  • Future service models
  • Future levels of resources
  • What the CCG is looking for from this market