Secondary Care Services

Secondary care services are those that respond to the needs of people when the generalist skills of the primary and community care sector are not sufficient to ensure effective assessment and treatment. These services are not provided in isolation but are part of the overarching framework of care that the CCG commissions. The overall focus of commissioning in secondary care is to ensure that quality and positive outcomes for those who need to be admitted to hospital are continually improved while ensuring that those who do not neeed to be admitted are supported elsewhere.

Currently, most of the money we spend on adult health and social care is used in providing these services. However, evidence suggests that people's health can be improved and spend reduced if there is greater collaboration between community and secondary health care providers, particularly in the management of long term conditions, and this will be the future commissioning intention of the CCG. 

Summary of commissioning activity for Secondary Care services

Name of current service                                                                                  
Current provider  
Value of contract in 2015/16  
Contract currency  
Quantity (i.e. episodes/people etc.)  
Key quality or performance criteria  
Contract last reviewed  
Expected review date  
Nature and extent of expected review  
Interdependence with other services we buy  

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