Wellbeing and Prevention Services

Wellbeing and Prevention services are critical to the long term sustainability of the local health and social care market.

Commissioning priorities and aims

We have devised specific plans to stimulate this market, wishing to facilitate increasing capacity and collaboration between providers of primary and community health services or asc with the independent and voluntary sectors, as well as ensuring that statutory service provision gives an appropriate emphasis to prevention.

Current supply

Approximately £6.6 million is currently spent in this area, including a wide range of services contracted within the independent and voluntary sectors. These include Carelink, St. Andrews Hospice, Altzheimers Society, The Stroke Association, Red Cross, and more than 23 other contracts with voluntary groups previously supported by the Primary Care Trust, plus universal services amounting to just over £2.3 million purchased by the CCG. 

The CCG will work to stimulate this market to provide an increasingly effective and first line of support at a local community and neighbourhood level. The primary partners in this will be the independent and voluntary sector who will be supported to develop their capacity and capability. This will be achieved through:

  1. Grant funding from the Local Authority to set up 13 services with suitable guarantees and targeted spend;
  2. For those targeted prevention services the ability to charge a maximum of £10 per week;
  3. The opportunity to raise funds through charitable and other fund raising activities and to manage costs through the use of volunteers where appropriate

Alongside these wellbeing and prevention services, the Local Authority contracts for c. £4.8 million of services including Drug and Alcohol, Substance Misuse, and Sexual Health services. The CCG informs the commissioning of these services through its participation in the Health and Wellbeing Board.

Summary of commissioning activity for Wellbeing and Prevention services

Name of current service                                                                  
Current provider  
Value of contract in 2015/16  
Contract currency  
Quantity (i.e. episodes/people etc.)  
Key quality or performance criteria  
Contract last reviewed  
Expected review date  
Nature and extent of expected review  
Interdependence with other services we buy  

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