Care workers - Care for others this winter by protecting yourself and them from flu with the free flu jab.

If you care for the elderly or people who are unwell the most important thing you can do for them this winter is get yourself vaccinated and protect them from the harmful effects of the flu.

People working in care homes and providing care for others are being encouraged to get their free flu vaccination in order to protect those vulnerable people they care for who are already most at risk from the highly infectious virus.

North East Lincolnshire CCG is supporting the flu vaccination programme for care and nursing home workers, and local GPs and pharmacies are offering the vaccine to all health and social care staff working in residential/nursing care homes or providing care in people’s own homes.

The aim is to protect those who are most at risk of serious illness or death should they develop flu, by offering vaccination to those who care for these vulnerable individuals. The free flu vaccine provides the best protection against the unpredictable nature of the flu virus and can stop the spread amongst care homes.

Dr Peter Melton, GP and Clinical Chief Officer for the CCG, explained, “Flu can cause serious health problems for the elderly and those who have existing health conditions, and the people providing care for these vulnerable groups can help protect them from the flu by having themselves vaccinated for free and stop the virus spreading. By having the flu jab people in care homes and the care professions can protect both themselves, their families and those they care for all at the same time.”

Peter added, “If you are eligible for the free vaccination then please see your registered GP and ask about attending their flu clinic. Unfortunately not all GPs are able to offer this due to availability of the vaccine so you may need to go to a local pharmacy instead and details of which pharmacies are able to provide the vaccine are available on the CCG website.”

The flu vaccine will be available to health and social care staff, employed by a registered residential care/nursing home or registered domiciliary care provider, who are directly involved in the care of vulnerable patients/clients who are at increased risk from exposure to influenza, meaning those patients/clients in a clinical risk group or aged 65 years and over.

Residential care/nursing home or registered domiciliary care providers, will include the independent sector, third sector and local authority providers and  people will be required to provide identification that demonstrates they work in a designated direct care environment, caring for at risk patients.

The flu vaccination is part of the Stay Well This Winter campaign, a joint initiative from NHS England and Public Health England, to help the public ward off common winter illnesses. For more information please visit 

Find out which local pharmacies in North East Lincolnshire are providing the flu vaccination to care and nursing home workers here - Pharmacies providing flu vaccination - care workers

For further information contact the North East Lincolnshire CCG Communications Team on 03300 249301.

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