Celebrating Diversity in North East Lincolnshire

The CCG has won a national award for the equal opportunities it offers to people working here.

We were named Small Employer of the Year at the national Employers Network for Equality and Inclusion (enei) awards.

The CCG was also highly commended for Inclusive Procurement (the way we purchase services and goods from other organisations) and the way we organise flexible and agile working for our teams.

The enei awards nationally recognise and celebrate the achievements of organisations that have taken a lead in challenging discrimination and are working inclusively to tap into their talented workforce.

Roy Rufus Isaacs, Community Lead for Equality & Diversity for the CCG, explained that every health or social care service that is commissioned in North East Lincolnshire goes through an intensive Equality & Diversity checking process.

“I’m proud to work with the team of three volunteers with the CCG who pore over every new health or social care proposal to make sure no-one will be disadvantaged,” said Mr Isaacs. “We feed back on proposals for all new health and social care services, and new service providers, before they are launched.

“This could be anything from nursing home providers, to the care for patients with dementia, to the cleanliness of hospital wards, hospital food, and ensuring all patients are treated with dignity and kindness.”

Mark Webb, Chair of the CCG, welcomed the results from the award ceremony which took place in London on 14th July.

“At North East Lincolnshire CCG we work very hard to achieve and promote best practice in equality and inclusion, not only in the services we commission but also within our workplace,” said Mr Webb. “In a modern organisation, commissioning health and care services effectively means involving providers and the community right from the start.

I am very proud of the talented team at the CCG, who work in a culture where every person feels respected and comfortable, regardless of individual differences. That culture is reflected in the way we commission too. After all, if you are buying services on behalf of your community, it is logical that you involve members of that community in making those decisions. Doing so ensures those decisions are inclusive and considerate of the needs of everyone involved”.

The NEL CCG team receiving their awards!

Denise Keating, chief executive, enei, explained that North East Lincolnshire CCG has been recognised as Small Employer of the Year for its efforts in embedding equality and diversity in everything it does; from its ‘Flexible Plus’ system of agile working, to its procurement strategies which involve representatives from its service users and weighting equality and diversity to make up 30% of its contract and tender assessments. The organisation was Highly Commended in the Inclusive Procurement and Agile/Flexible Working categories.

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