Tweeting wishes for the 10th Birthday of the Mental Capacity Act

Staff at North East Lincolnshire CCG, are joining others in celebrating the 10th birthday of the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) by tweeting their personal wishes for the future.

They are joining social workers and other practitioners in a Day of Action on Wednesday 27th September to raise awareness of the Act and what it means to people, which includes greater personal control, human rights and the opportunity to make decisions.

The Mental Capacity Act (MCA) is a person centred and human rights focused piece of legislation and it can enhance lives, change lives and even save lives when applied properly.  One of the empowering sections of the Act allows for us to plan for times when we may no longer have the mental capacity to make decisions for ourselves. 

Staff have started to think about their wishes and what they would want people to know about them and their likes and dislikes. It is important for people to consider what they would do in this situation and the MCA provides the safeguards for others to protect and understand people’s right and choices.

Personal wishes are being shared via Twitter to raise awareness of how the MCA enables people to express their thoughts in order to maintain a good quality of life.

You can follow the celebrations on @nelincsccg using #MCA10 and spread the word as we wish ‘Happy 10th Birthday to the Mental Capacity Act’

If you would like to find out more information about the Mental Capacity Act (MCA) please see the website It details the work of the Mental Capacity Forum in bringing together those responsible for implementing the MCA to identify and take forward shared actions to improve implementation of the Act and benefits for people who use services.

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