Come on board the career academy - helping to shape younger people’s futures

North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is proud to be supporting the career academy with Franklin College and urges more local businesses to offer their support and expertise to such an accredited scheme.

The career academy, which Franklin College is part of, is a nationwide scheme for students to get a taster of what working life is like in their desired occupation, in their local area, whilst still attending college studying a Level 3 qualification.

The aim of the academy is to promote the aspirations of students between the ages of 16-19, and give students a chance to realise their ambitions and support them to get into the career of their dreams. Franklin College’s main priority is the success of the students, and this scheme aims to give them that start in life, which could lead to a successful career.

Once students’ sign up they undergo a competitive assessment and selection process so they are clear in their mind they want to be part of the academy. Places are limited and only a select handful will be picked to be mentored and receive an internship within an organisation in their desired field of work.

North East Lincolnshire CCG supports the academy and offers mentoring and internships in two of the four areas: Business and Health & Social Care.

Dr Peter Melton, Clinical Chief Officer at the CCG who recently mentored a student said: “Being part of the NHS is not just about being in health care, different careers are available such as business, HR and finance, and it’s about making people aware that those options are available and to come try it for themselves. If more businesses in the local area were to come on board and offer mentoring and internships we could help change the lives of so many students in North East Lincolnshire.”

Michelle Barnard, Women and Children’s Lead at the CCG who recently took on a student for an internship said: “Offering a summer internship is great for both your organisation and the student. The students we have supported have benefited hugely from real work experience and being part of a busy team and they have made a valuable contribution to the work we do. The opportunity for students of Franklin College to become interns in a place of work is an important opportunity for both the student and the company involved. In short it dispels myths and gives a student a realistic view of what working life and its demands will be.

“I would definitely recommend others to support a student, it’s good to know that your organisation is helping to shape the future careers and aspirations of our young people”.

For more information on the career academy please call Emma Swinburn on 01472 875 000 or email

Case study – Amy Cocking, mentored by Dr Peter Melton 

I applied for Health Career Academy in the hope of it helping me pursue a career in healthcare. I was lucky enough to be assigned a doctor as a mentor, Dr Peter Melton, who has given me advice, support and help throughout the 2 years. He also helped me arrange my internship by putting me in contact with 360 Care and a 4 week paid internship was arranged in a Primary Care Centre in Grimsby. I was able to shadow nurses and observe as they completed patient consultations and procedures. It allowed me to develop my communication skills as I talked to patients. During one patient consultation, a nurse invited me to examine a leg wound and suggest a course of action, allowing me to use my analytical and evaluative skills and build on my knowledge. I also spent a few days with a community matron, shadowing her as she completed house visits. She was so caring and enthusiastic towards her patients; she was such an inspiration to me. It was my internship at this practice that cemented my aspiration to being a nurse.

With Career Academy, we conducted a comparative study on health issues facing 16-19 year olds from two regions; Birmingham and Grimsby. The study included an opportunity to travel to Birmingham and spend a few days collecting data, collating the results and writing a report on the findings. We then presented the data to a local health board, developing my communication and public speaking skills.

Career Academy has given me opportunities to interact with many health care professionals from cancer nurses to social workers. I have gained an invaluable insight into the healthcare system through talks, observations and practical simulations. The Career Academy helped me in my application for university to apply for Adult Nursing. The communication skills and team skills I developed during career academy helped me during both group and individual interviews and the internship gave me personal experiences to talk about during interviews and demonstrated my knowledge of the 6 C’s.

The Health Career Academy has given me many amazing opportunities and without them, I wouldn’t be a student nurse today.

Case Study – Beth Edge, had internship at NEL CCG

During the six weeks summer holidays I was fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to work at the North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NELCCG). I was given the role of Project Support Assistant and provided with the responsibility of various mini projects to carry out during my time there. I felt that I gained and develop many skills such as using Excel spreadsheets, keyboard shortcuts and communication with others. 

I regularly attended team meetings which introduced me to everyone on the Service Planning and Redesign team. On one occasion I was able sit in on a bi-monthly Skin Cancer Meeting with General Practitioners from the local area. The projects I was involved in were creating a Diabetes Contact List, organising the meeting room bookings, analysing the Parkinson questionnaires and covering reception duties.

I received constant support from my mentor and fellow colleagues but at the same time I was able to work on my own initiative. Prior to the placement I had an interest in the Travel and Tourism industry, but after working at the CCG I found that it has opened my eyes to other possible career choices.

I strongly feel that this internship has developed me as a person because I have become increasingly confident. I believe that I have gained vital workplace knowledge. I was able to practice using a range of communication skills verbally and written because many of my tasks involved emails and answering the phone on reception as well as visiting Parkinson patients for the questionnaires.

Given the opportunity, I would recommend anyone to take up the challenge and try something new.

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