Dementia diagnosis rates in North East Lincolnshire amongst the best in England

Latest figures released by NHS England show that North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is one of the top performing CCGs in England for diagnosing dementia and number one in the North Yorkshire and Humber Region.

The national Dementia Prevalence Calculator demonstrates that the CCG’s current diagnosis rate is 63%, just short of the national ambition of 67% diagnosis by April 2015. This is in comparison to the current national figure of 54%*

Over the past 18 months the CCG has implemented a number of initiatives not only with the aim of meeting the national target but to ensure the early diagnosis for the people of North East Lincolnshire. These include:

• Launch of a dementia portal that offers a wide range of information help and advice, and signposts people to appropriate support and services
• Formation of a dementia action alliance which enrols local businesses and members of the community to support North East Lincolnshire’s ambition of becoming a dementia friendly community
• Promotion of dementia friends to raise awareness and encourage local people to become dementia champions
• Trial of a new dementia diagnosis tool with local pharmacies and GP practices to detect early signs of memory impairment
• Delivery of  a series of workshops and education sessions with GPs and primary care health professionals to increase knowledge and understanding of dementia

In addition to these and in line with NHS England’s recent announcement of a new Dementia Identification Scheme, GPs over the coming months will be reviewing their patient databases to identify people who have not previously been diagnosed with dementia, but suspected of having symptoms. This will ensure that, where appropriate, these patients are signposted to right treatment and support services in a timelier manner.

Dr Karin Severin, Clinical Lead for Older People, North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group commented:

“It is very reassuring to see North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group as one of the top performing CCG’s for dementia diagnosis.

“We have worked very hard to ensure early diagnosis of people with dementia is a key priority because it is still common for a person to live with the condition and never be given a formal diagnosis.

“An early diagnosis of dementia is hugely important. It opens a lot of doors, giving people access to support services and treatments that could help relieve their symptoms and give them time to plan for their future. It also provides a greater understanding of their condition and what is happening to them which is vital to improving their lives and those of their carers.”

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