Keeping Healthcare Simple

A new directory of health and social care has been released this week.

Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire has produced the directory to help people get the information they need with simplicity and ease.

The “Health and Social Care Signposting Directory” is a complete listing of local: GP practices, Dentists, Pharmacies, Opticians, Nursing homes, Residential and Domiciliary care providers.

Patients are also offered guidance on staying fit and where to go for treatment.

The booklet contains advice about choosing the right kind of care for you and your loved ones. It has links to financial information and support, and weighs up the pros and cons of each care option.

Patient rights are laid out and explained plainly, and the booklet contains information on how to express any complaints people may have about a service.
“These directories are a great way for us to help local people.” Tayo Davenport, Engagement Officer for Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire, said: “We’re often approached by patients who don’t have access to the internet or who struggle to find the information they need. Here we’ve answered many of their questions in a single booklet.”

Healthwatch North East Lincolnshire has distributed these directories to hundreds of local health and social care venues. Members of the public should be able to pick these up for free from their local GP practice.

Alternatively they can contact Healthwatch directly on 01472 361459 or by e-mail at:

The directory can also be found on our website:

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