Local Partners debate the next wave for Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures

Views gathered at a recent North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) workshop will be the springboard for the development of Healthy Lives, Healthy Futures.

More than 30 people, CCG Board Members, Partnership Board Members, Community Forum members, Health Overview & Scrutiny and Public Health came together to, understand how national priorities impact on local health and care services; review how the CCG’s 5 year plan will meet the needs of the community and debate future challenges and potential solutions.

People at the event learnt about the challenges faced by the CCG: an elderly population 3% greater than the national average; diabetes expected to rise 13% by 2030 and a potential financial gap of £130m by 2019, across Northern Lincolnshire, if efficiencies in service delivery are not realised which can only be achieved as a result of significant changes made to the way health and social care services are provided in the future.

To meet these challenges it was proposed that there needed to be a greater emphasis on increasing prevention, self-care and independent living in North East Lincolnshire. More care will be delivered away from traditional ‘bed based’ services enabling a greater community and home care focus.

Dr Peter Melton, Clinical Chief Officer, North East Lincolnshire CCG said: “We expect that people should manage their own health where it is safe and appropriate to do so. This includes making positive lifestyle choices and taking responsibility for their personal wellbeing. We want to change health and care in the future with more care provided in or near to patients’ homes and less care delivered in a hospital setting”

Some of the key themes that link to the Health Lives Healthy Futures programme included:
• Increase prevention and self-care
• Transform local primary care to manage demands on capacity
• Enhance support for the top 2% of health and care users
• Work closely with partners to join services together: physical and mental health, primary and specialist care and health and social care
• Build better communities to reduce social isolation

Dr Peter Melton commented: “The workshop provided a valuable opportunity to hear people’s views. It was great to get different perspectives on our local plans and how far they address national and local priorities.

“We face many challenges and know that if we don’t change the way we deliver services we won’t be able to afford them in the future. We also know that if we don’t save money now we won’t be able to invest in improvements to patient care.

“Our aim is to design services that ensure people get the right care in the right place when they need it. This is about finding ways of doing things differently that will deliver safe, high quality care that gives us all value for money.

“I hope that the energy and enthusiasm from this initial workshop continues as we take these major transformation projects forward as part of the Health Lives Healthy Futures programme.”

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