Looking after your health made easier with GP online services

It's important to look after your health, and digital technology is now making it easier for us to fit doing this into our busy lives. This is essential particularly for people who are managing long-term health conditions or those who care for children and elderly friends and family.

The good news is that GP online services are available at surgeries across North East Lincolnshire to help people take control and manage their health better.

These services enable patients to book GP appointments and request repeat prescriptions via their computer, smartphone or tablet at a time that suits them, anywhere, anytime – 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It’s quick and easy and all the information is secure.

People who need repeat prescriptions can request these from the comfort of their own home, rather than venturing out or taking time they don’t have to attend the doctor’s surgery.

Patients will be allowed access to parts of their GP record online and be able to review which medication they should be taking, the dosage and when it should be taken, helping to improve the understanding of medication.

GP online supports many people across the UK to have more control of their own healthcare with more than ten million repeat prescription requests now being made online.

Dr Peter Melton, Chief Clinical Officer, explained “The service is making a huge difference, not only to our patients who are using it to order repeat medications online, but also to GP surgery staff who work incredibly hard and are extremely busy throughout the day. It offers our patients the choice of how they can order a repeat prescription with online requests complimenting the more traditional methods.”

The number of repeat prescriptions requested online has steadily increased since the online service was launched across England in April 2015 and is expected to increase further as people move away from traditional methods and discover the benefits of online services.

If you want to register for GP online services you will need to pop into your surgery to fill out a form. You will need to take two forms of ID, one of which should have a photo (such as a UK passport or driving licence) and the other should have your address (such as a council tax bill). If you don’t have photo ID or anything with your address on it, it doesn’t automatically mean you will not be able to use online services, the staff at your practice may be able to help.

To register for GP online services, drop in and ask your GP practice, or to find out more visit the NHS Choices website at www.nhs.uk/GPonlineservices

GP online services will be an ideal choice for many people in the area, however traditional methods of accessing your GP surgery and managing your health will still be available to those that don’t have access to the internet and prefer to continue to contact their GP practice via the telephone.

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