Improvement Assessment Framework (IAF) Rating for North East Lincolnshire CCG

NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG welcomes the publication of the results of their annual assessment that has given the CCG a rating of Good for 2016/17.

Mark Webb, Chair of the North East Lincolnshire CCG, said, “We are delighted to have achieved the overall rating of good and we are pleased that our work with partners has been praised, especially the local authority which was highlighted as an example of good practice to be shared with others.”

“This is in addition to the continued excellent work we do in the area of health and social care integration and we would like to thank everyone involved at the CCG and our partners for their hard work that has contributed towards us achieving this overall good rating.”

Alongside the CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (CCG IAF) for 2016/17, additional assessments were undertaken by three independent clinical panels and the CCGs were assessed on the work they do in three clinical priority areas, as set out in The Next Steps on the Five Year Forward View: these are cancer, mental health and dementia.

The figures, published on the My NHS data website, found room for improvement in the 62 day from referral by a GP to treatment for cancer locally and cancer survival rates. Work is underway to improve cancer pathways as well as awareness and early diagnosis which can vastly improve outcomes for patients.

Mark Webb, explained, “The CCG is very pleased with its rating in relation to Mental Health and dementia, but recognises there is more work to do around its cancer performance.  To address the specific issues a 62 day cancer recovery plan has been produced and its implementation is being supported by Humber Coast and Vale Cancer Alliance through its planned programmes of work.”

The CCG annual assessment for 2016/17 provides each CCG with an assessment against the indicators in the CCG improvement and assessment framework (CCG IAF). This framework aligns key objectives and priorities as part of our aim to deliver the Five Year Forward View.


For further information contact the North East Lincolnshire CCG Communications Team on 03300 249301.

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