People urged to ‘choose well’ this weekend

Diana, Princess of Wales and Scunthorpe General Hospitals expect emergency and urgent care to be stretched over the weekend

Health chiefs today asked people to avoid accident and emergency departments at Scunthorpe General Hospital and Diana, Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsby, if at all possible, over the coming days.

They are expecting that staff will be particularly stretched over the weekend with volumes likely to increase as a result of pressure in the wider NHS system and because more people will be visiting nearby East Coast resorts.

Northern Lincolnshire and Goole NHS Foundation Trust associate chief nurse – medicine, Paul Kirton-Watson, said the Trust had redeployed staff across the Trust to maintain safe and effective care but he was still expecting resources to be stretched unless people heeded the NHS’s Choose Well messages.

“As far as minor cases are concerned, please dial 01472 256256 if you are in North East Lincolnshire or NHS 111 if you are in North Lincolnshire for advice about minor injuries and minor accidents before attending A&E and then only come to us if it is an emergency.

“We would urge people to choose wisely, either with self-care or by speaking to their pharmacist about minor illnesses and injuries, rather than attending one of our hospitals.

“The emergency departments at both Scunthorpe and Grimsby are expecting higher than usual demand, with peaks this weekend due to pressure from surrounding areas and an expected influx of people as holidaymakers visit resorts, particularly those along the Lincolnshire coast.”



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