North and North East Lincolnshire Local Digital Roadmap

The North and North East Lincolnshire Local Digital Roadmap (LDR) is the local plan for introducing shared electronic records to the NHS locally.  The LDR, details the ambition of operating paper-free at the point of care by 2020 and sets out how this will be achieved.

The Digital Roadmap has been informed by the emerging priorities and vision identified in the Humber, Coast and Vale, Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP), and describes digital technology as a tool to provide support for local clinical priorities and service innovation, and address the three national priorities to close the gaps between, care and quality, finance and efficiency and heallth and wellbeing.

Digital technology has a significant role to play in sustainability and transformation, including delivering primary care at scale, securing seven day services, enabling new care models and transforming care in line with clinical priorities.

The North & North East Lincolnshire LDR covers the South of the Humber region and there are 3 Local Digital Roadmaps within the STP:

North & North East Lincolnshire
North Humber
 – Hull CCG, East Riding of Yorkshire CCG
North Yorkshire – Vale of York CCG, Scarborough and Ryedale CCG

The priorities for the North and North East Lincolnshire Digital Roadmap were determined by the results of a Digital Maturity Self Assessment undertaken by NHS Secondary and community care providers.

The LDR vision has five key themes

  1. Integration and interoperability of “paper-free” systems across health and social care to enable real time accessibility of care records and information at the point of care, informed decision making and the operation of an integrated accountable care system.
  2. Digital access for patients, third sector and the public to care data, advice and information that will support greater self-care, prevention and community support.
  3. Data sharing to support data analytics, population health & wellbeing management and effective strategic/individual care commissioning.
  4. Maximum efficiency in back office and service delivery working practices including agile/mobile working, avoidance of duplication, and reduction in non-productive activities.
  5. Effective enablers, including digital literacy of individuals, and the leadership and resourcing of programme and project delivery.

For further information read the full North and North East Lincolnshire Local Digital Roadmap.