What services we buy

What services we buy

We are responsible for health and adult social care services for people in North East Lincolnshire.

Whether it’s nursing care for someone with mental health needs, children’s care at hospital or help in the home, we identify what care people need so we can design and invest in the right services.

It’s our duty to understand the needs of local people before we invest in services. We set out what services we plan to buy in our Strategic Plan and we aim to invest in sustainable services that empower people to care for themselves and support communities.

We buy services from a range of providers including NHS organisations, social care providers, social enterprises and community based organisations.

These services include:

  • hospital care
  • rehabilitative care (physiotherapy, occupational therapy)
  • urgent and emergency care (including GP out-of-hours)
  • community health services (district nursing, end of life care, dementia care, health visitors)
  • mental health and learning disability services
  • adult social care including help in the home such as washing and cleaning, community support, equipment etc  
  • support for carers 

We have to remain in the budget we have available and we know how important it is to invest in services that deliver a positive patient experience. That’s why we involve volunteers from our Community Forum in our decision making so local peoples’ views are represented.

The CCG has Delegated Primary Care Commissioning arrangements with NHS England. 

How we buy services


We have delegated commissioning responsibility for GP services. Other primary care services (NHS dentist and opticians) are managed by NHS England. Find out more at www.england.nhs.uk