Our People

Our People

We have a unique structure in North East Lincolnshire that we’re proud of.

Our GPs work in partnership with the local authority, North East Lincolnshire Council and people from the community are involved our decision-making at every stage.

This arrangement helps us to design services that truly meet the needs of local people.

Our organisation is made up of GPs, health professionals, support staff and volunteers from the local community.

Together we’re committed to delivering high-quality health and adult social care services for people in North East Lincolnshire.

Our CCG has dedicated teams that work together in key project areas; we call these teams triangles and they are made up of a GP, service lead from the CCG and community representative.

By working in this way we make sure that everyone’s views are heard before decisions are made and it helps us to invest in services that are person-centred.

The work of our CCG is spilt into seven key areas and there is a triangle team working to develop services in each of these areas. The work of the triangles feeds into the Governing Body which makes the final strategic decisions for the CCG.

This approach has proved so successful it has been recognised by the Department of Health as best practice.


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