Community Based Care

The Preventative Services Market Development Board Pilot was set up in 2013 by the CCG.

The aim and objective of the project is to encourage the development of community micro-enterprises capable of providing stable and on-going support to people in the community.  The reason we need to do this is that demand for care services is increasing with hundreds of calls being received each week.

Often our Single Point of Access staff (256 256) are able to identify gaps in provision and capture these in order the board can attempt to identify and encourage community groups and entrepreneurs to develop a small organisation/enterprises capable of taking referrals and providing the service at an affordable rate.

The CCG has identified some resources that the board is able to use as one-off seed funding to support these groups to get off the ground. To understand more or to find out what kind of services are in demand, please contact our delivery partner CERT on 01469 572313 or visit us at the event at the Humber Royal.

We can provide:

  • Start-up funding
  • Advice on the market – identification of opportunities and unmet demand
  • Access to business start-up advice and guidance
  • Help to put bids together
  • On-going support
  • Training and development for Managers and Staff
  • Sign-posting and support to access other sources of funding
  • On-going referrals from people who would like to access your new service.
  • Advice on how you might become sustainable through reasonable charging.

We won’t provide:

  • On-going funding for core activity
  • On-going project costs beyond the initial development stage
  • Large capital bids (we can however signpost you to alternative providers)

You will need to:

  • how us how you will impact and the lives of our service users and how you will prove that impact and its effects (Social Return on Investment, Impact Mapping, Social Audit, Output monitoring etc. - We can help you to establish systems)
  • Show us how you will sustain the service after our funding – (Income from earnings, , charging, personalised budgets etc.)
  • Demonstrate how you will deliver high quality services to our services users safely and within current legislation.