Seven Day Service

Patients don’t just become ill between the hours of 9 to 5 Monday through to Friday; however at the moment many services aren’t accessible, or are limited, in the evenings & weekends and evidence shows that this can have a detrimental impact on patient outcomes.

This doesn’t mean that all services need to  be open 24/7 nor does it mean  7 day working however it does signal a commitment towards some services being made available seven days a week.

In a news article Sir Bruce Keogh implied that the current system isn’t necessarily designed for optimum patient care. He said If you wanted a day case operation, and you didn’t want to take a day off work, why can’t you have it on a Saturday or Sunday?

It seems strange in a way that you cannot go to a clinic at the weekend, you cannot have your day case surgery at the weekend when the rest of the commercial world is going in a different direction … Tesco have had to go through this – it was a complex issue for them. As we think this through, we will need to look at the terms and conditions of service of people – employment conditions

(Sir Bruce Keogh)

In December 2012 Everyone Counts: Planning for Patients 13/14 set out our commitment to improving access and the consistency in care seven days a week. Following this North East Lincolnshire was successful in becoming an early adopter, and we became one of the 13 pilot areas for the 7-day services programme.

We are working with, and getting support from, NHS Improving Quality (NHS IQ) in order to progress the development and implementation of accessible services across North East Lincolnshire.

Our vision is to

North East Lincolnshire is on a journey of integration and developing a seamless patient centred approach to the population we serve.  Our ambition is to have comprehensive integrated 7 day working to reduce admissions and support and maintain people’s health and wellbeing in their own homes; in order to achieve this our pilot is very much a collaborative, jointly owned, approach to moving North East Lincolnshire having services being available 7-days a week.  

The project Group consists of:

  • LINCS  
  • NAVIGO  
  • NLAG FT  

Aims and Outcomes

We aim to achieve the following across the 7-day week:

  • Reduced isolation
  • Immediate and consistent access to support through triage out of hospital
  • An integrated team response to health and care issues as they arise to support maintenance of the individual in the home
  • Technology enabled care wherever possible
  • Access to relevant information for all through a shared care record
  • Support to Carers as appropriate to maintain individual independence
  • Devolved accountability and decision-making across organisations to the individual identified to deliver care
  • Improvement against all 5 domains of the national outcomes framework
  • Reduction in overall costs to commissioners from existing spend

In order to achieve this we have a number of work stream groups to drive the programme forward:

Work stream Lead
Nursing / Care Home Support LINCS
Single Point of Access (SPA) Focus
A&E Front End CCL
Care in the Right Place (CIRP) CPG
7 Day Primary Care LINCS
End of Life Pathway Hospice
Frequent Service Users NLAG
Frail Elderly Focus