'Keeping the Door Open' - Improving access to GP services survey, 2016 and You Said We Did feedback and progress report, 2019

NHS North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (NELCCG) want to ensure Primary Care services will continue to meet what is a growing local need well into the future and they asked the local community to give their views and opinions on ways to make it easier and more flexible for people of all ages to get advice or treatment from a GP practice.

The ‘Keeping the Door Open’ survey was carried out from 30th September - 22nd November 2016 with the aim of informing the development of the NELCCG Primary Care Strategy and respond to the NHS 5 Year Forward View following the Department of Health telling local NHS that they would like to see GP services offered to local residents over 7 days.

We wanted to know what this means to people in North East Lincolnshire in order to help us understand what matters most about GP services and how we might develop quality, accessible services that are affordable and provide what local people need.

Initially a group of Accord members discussed Primary Care at the Annual Accord Meeting in early September 2016 and their thoughts and opinions were fed into the final version of the survey and provided helpful insight into how best to pose questions, present the survey and reach patient groups.

Public engagement then took place in the form of electronic and paper surveys with 134 responses being received. The largest age group to respond were 45 to 65 years, 47%, with nearly a third of responses coming from the 65 to 74 year age group. 

The results of the survey reflect public opinion about current local Primary Care services throughout GP Practices including topics such as appointment making, staffing within Practices and travelling to and from their own GP Practices. 

You can read the findings of this survey in the Keeping the Door Open Survey Report (original survey report)  

You can also read an updated report detailing engagement outcomes, actions and progress made in the Keeping the Door Open 'You Said – We Did’ (updated February 2019)