Quality Survey - Feedback

The Quality Survey report was commissioned by North East Lincolnshire CCG. It has been prepared by DJS Research, and independent market research company. The Nursing Lead for Quality has checked this report for accuracy and included the findings of the Focus Group on Quality held at the Accord Event.

Nationally, the NHS quality agenda sets out the three cornerstones for high quality care. These are Patient Experience, Effective Care and Patient Safety, together with how success is measured and what care should look and feel like for patients.

The CCG recognizes that people living in North East Lincolnshire may have some different experiences to the ones that have informed the national agenda which need to be taken into account in the local strategy.

Recently North East Lincolnshire CCG carried out engagement to inform their Quality Strategy by asking people to tell us what quality means to them.

Part of the engagement included an online and hard copy survey which explored how patients and the public define quality from a health service perspective. In addition to this, the Nursing Lead for Quality facilitated a Focus Group at an Accord Event to gain engagement and discussion around these questions.

The CCG received 73 completed surveys – a profile of respondents is provided in Appendix 1.

This report provides an overview of the survey responses and feedback obtained from the participant ‘focus’ group; initially we provide a summary of headline findings. We then provide a detailed analysis of the results.

You can read the report by clicking here.