GP Patient Experience Feedback

Last year we asked people to complete a questionnaire called Good Practice – quality services from the moment you step through the door. This was to help us to understand what makes a good visit to your GP Practice because we wanted to make improvements to ensure patients and their families or carers have the best experience possible.

More than 800 people took part and their responses were collated and fed back to our GP Practices.  The CCG worked with local GP practices and Patient Participation Groups (PPGs), to use the feedback and make any adjustments or improvements based on the responses received from their patients.  You can read the report from this first questionnaire here - GP Patient Experience Survey Practice Report Overall Results October 2016 

Each practice received their own survey report and were left to discuss the findings of their report with their PPG, following the first round of survey’s and reports (completed in 2016).  As part of the Quality Scheme the practices were asked in the beginning to work on the following:

Following initial baseline survey results, the Practice will be required to work with their PPG to interpret the results and agree actions for improvement, or areas where the practice and PPG need to work together to more clearly articulate / agree the expectations with patients. In the event that the baseline survey results do not provide sufficient information for the PPG to identify areas for improvement, the Practice should work with their PPG to identify areas that could be included for improvement actions during 2016/17.

Second GP Patient Experience Survey 

Nine months later we asked the same questions again to see if people had noticed positive improvements in their GP Practice since the first survey was undertaken.  People who had completed the original survey were encouraged to give their views again along with anyone else who wished to give their thoughts about their local GP Practice.

The second questionnaire for the GP Patient Experience survey ended in March 2017 and the feedback was collated and analysed.  Over 1000 people took part in the survey and the responses gave an indication of change to any work having taken place, potential improvements, by the practice and PPG.

Most of the survey results came back similar to the original findings, and that is because there weren’t any major issues identified in the first survey by any of the practices taking part.  However there are still areas that while positive can be improved upon to get to 100%.  Information in TV screens, cleanliness of the waiting areas and most importantly, being told how long they are to wait if their GP appointment is delayed.

The Practice were then required to submit a final report at the end of the year, following the end of year survey, which set out improvements and/or further action required for improvement. This may have included work with the PPG on agreeing and setting out expectations for patients.  Those plans have been received and agreed with the CCG.

You can read the full report from the surveys here - GP Patient Experience Survey Practice Report: Overall Results April 2017