Doing the Right thing - Feedback

Doing the Right Thing: Public Engagement Spring – Summer 2016


Background to the Engagement

North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC) has delegated adult social care functions to NEL Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) via a section 75 agreement under the NHS Act 2006. 

Whilst CCG staff micro-commission continuing healthcare (CHC) and funded nursing care (FNC) support, micro-commissioning functions in respect of adult social care have been devolved primarily to various local community interest companies.  Micro-commissioning is the commissioning of individual packages of care and support for individuals with eligible needs.   

The CCG and NELC (‘the Partners’) work together to ensure that their respective contractual and statutory duties in respect of adult health and social care are discharged.  The Partners wish to ensure that those micro-commissioning on their behalf discharge their obligations lawfully, and to assure themselves that such micro-commissioning takes place in the context of public awareness. 

The refresh of the micro-commissioning policy, aimed at staff, has been utilised as a platform to promote better public understanding of how the money available for care and support needs is spent, create realistic expectations of the support available, and encourage planning for potential needs.  In publically engaging on this policy (‘the Policy’), the title ‘Doing the Right Thing: Deciding how Social Care Money is Spent Locally’ was chosen. 

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