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A Huge Thank You to Our Dedicated Volunteers

It has been a poignant day for members of the Community Forum who have today held their final meeting.

Since North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) was established, the Community Forum have been a cornerstone of the organisation. The Forum, made up of community members who have each been appointed as Community Leads, have helped local health and care leaders to shape services in North East Lincolnshire for more than 10 years.

Each Community Lead has held an important role within the CCG representing areas like Planned Care, Cancer, Urgent Care and Children and Young People’s Services just to name a few. Forum members have been equal partners in meetings with Service Leads and Clinical Leads and have been core members of committees and groups like Quality, Patient Experience and Equality and Diversity Groups ensuring that the voice of the community is heard across all areas of the local NHS.

With changes to the way the NHS is being organised this year, the Community Forum is disbanding, making way for new groups to form in future. Members of the Forum feel that the restructure marks an opportunity for a new format to take its place, giving more community members an opportunity to have their say in the future.

“We have been incredibly lucky to have such a knowledgeable and dedicated group of individuals working with us”, said Mark Webb, Chair of North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

“From the outset the CCG understood the value of having members of our community involved, not at the end of decision making, but right from the very start. Involved in all discussions with Clinicians and managers about health and care services and how they were shaped. Members of the Community Forum have sacrificed a tremendous amount of time to helping us and our community and have made a vital contribution to the work of the local health and care system. We hope that they will continue to work with us in future and we hope our community will join us in thanking them for their selfless commitment.”

The Forum have not only represented North East Lincolnshire, they have also been involved in regional projects across the Humber and have worked tirelessly to provide a strong voice for local people.

Chair of the Community Forum, Anne Hames said “it has been a privilege to be the Chair of the Community Forum since it was first formed and to be part of a team with a common goal of improving services for the benefit of our local community. Our views as Community Leads have always been valued by leaders and clinicians even when we have had to ask some really challenging questions. On a personal level, I have learned a great deal, met and worked with some fantastic people and, I hope, made some friends for life.”

Image of the Community Forum members

From left to right: Albert Bennett, Claire Illingworth (CCG Admin), Diane Edmonds, Pam Taylor, Anne Hames (Chair), Terry Simco, Eveline Dawson, Bernard Henry and Sally Czabaniuk (CCG Engagement Manager).

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