Better record-sharing improves healthcare for patients in North East Lincolnshire

Patients across the Humber are benefitting from more joined-up healthcare thanks to the roll-out of a new initiative to share information between NHS providers.

Healthcare professionals can now see up-to-date information about their patients, even if they’ve been treated somewhere else.

That’s because the two main patient record systems used across the region (EMIS Web and SystmOne) are now working together for the first time to share information.

This improves the safety and the quality of care for people accessing a number of services, including out-of-hours GP appointments, community nursing and end-of-life care.

Dr Tony Salisbury, one of the specialist doctors at St Andrew’s Hospice in Grimsby, said the integrated system had many benefits. He said: “All users of the system agree that it is easy to access, and provides a brief summary of the key information that is needed.”


Dr John Parry, Clinical Director at TPP, said: “TPP are thrilled at the success of the deployment of the TPP-EMIS integration across Humber. By ensuring that our systems interoperate, we are supporting the Department of Health’s recently announced future technology vision, and leading the way towards connected and high-quality care across all sectors.”

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