Home based Service Provides Support for People with Low Vision

People in North East Lincolnshire with low vision can now be assessed at home for aids to support them with their daily lives.

Those with low vision sometimes need a variety of different devices to help them with a range of everyday tasks or activities.

The new service works with individuals to identify the right kind of devices, such as magnifiers or task lights, for their needs and to help them get the most out of using the equipment. This assessment can be carried out in the person’s own home.

The service, provided by local adult social work organisation Focus, also includes follow up visits to ensure the aids continue to meet the person’s needs or whether equipment needs to be returned or replaced.

Previously only patients who had visited the eye clinics at Diana Princess of Wales Hospital were referred to a fortnightly clinic hosted at the Scartho Road site.

Now, all patients can access the new Low Vision Aids service. When a patient is registered as having low vision (significant visual impairment that can’t be corrected fully with glasses, contact lenses, medication or eye surgery) they are contacted with details of the service.

Patients can also refer themselves by ringing the Single Point of Access on 01472 256256option 2.

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