Patients are thriving thanks to social prescribing

To mark National Social Prescribing Day, today 12th March, Thrive.nel hosted an event to celebrate the successes of the social prescribing programme here in North East Lincolnshire.

Over 160 people attended the day at Centre4 in Grimsby, which showcased the various activities that patients on the programme have been involved in and the achievements they had made.

Thrive.nel has over 352 patients taking part in the social prescribing programme, who are experiencing the benefits to their health and wellbeing, of being active and learning new skills and developing interests.

Community and voluntary organisations providing opportunities for the social prescribing programme attended the event and the number of groups and organisations involved continues to grow.

Entertainment was provided by the Respiratory Choir based at Val Waterhouse centre, a Tai Chi interactive demonstration from Lincs Inspire and a special guest appearance from a Thrive.nel patient singing and playing the guitar.

As well as showing their vocal talents with the choir and Tai Chi demo, patients on the programme had also baked cakes and were displaying the range of skills they have learnt whilst taking part in the social groups and activities such as arts and crafts.

Thrive.nel was established in August 2018 and in the last eighteen months has proved the many benefits that can be gained from exploring social interests and activities and being more active.

The programme has set up five social groups across North East Lincolnshire, facilitated by link workers and led by the patients themselves. The groups are based on a ‘what matters to me’ approach and have enabled patients who are socially isolated to access community groups and activities in their area.

Michelle Donington, Coordinator for Thrive.nel explained, “I’m so pleased to be part of an innovative and exciting new programme which is continuously growing and developing into a service focused on what matters to people in North East Lincolnshire. Link workers are supporting and connecting people into an extremely wide range of statutory, voluntary and community services for practical and emotional support.”

She added, “We have developed community groups enabling people to support each other through social engagement to improve their overall health and wellbeing and we are committed to continuing to develop this approach across the area in order to support people with long term health conditions.”

  • Thrive.nel is a social prescribing service, provided by local charity Centre4.
  • It is available to anyone living in North East Lincolnshire aged between
    18 and 65 years, diagnosed with one or more of the following long term health conditions:

    Asthma, Atrial Fibrillation, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Diabetes and Hyper-tension (high blood pressure)
  • GPs can refer patients to this non-medical community based support service and Thrive.nel operates alongside traditional medical treatments to maximise good health and reduce the impact of long term health conditions.
  • The programme aims to connect people with local activities and services, and provide encouragement and support to make small lifestyle changes that could really make a difference.

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