Our Aims

What we strive for in everything we do

Empowering People

By 2019 the CCG aims to deliver information, support and advice which will enable the community to take control of their own health care. End of Life Care is the one of our current flagship projects regards this aim; to find out more information please click here

Supporting Communities

By 2019 the CCG aims to support older people over 65 and those living with Long Term Conditions (LTCs) to live independently and manage their conditions better. We aim to increase the life expectancy of those in the more deprived areas of North east Lincolnshire.

Wellness and Prevention, Extra Care Housing and Developing Community Capacity are significant projects under Supporting Communities, for more information click the links. 

Deliver Sustainable Services

By 2019 the CCG aims to deliver seven day services in North East Lincolnshire of a high standard that is also cost effective.

Enhanced Technology, Seven Day Service, Community Based Care and Mental Health are the some of our projects under Delivering Sustainable Services, for more information click the links.