Delivering Sustainable Services

By 2019 the CCG aims to deliver seven day services in North East Lincolnshire of a high standard that is also cost effective.

This will include significant projects around:

Here is an example of this approach in action :

Clinical Video consultation Technology Evaluation

The CCG are about to commence a 12 month evaluation project of the use of personal video conference technology to deliver none face to face clinical consolations.

Some consultations don’t require a patient to be located in the same room as the GP they are seeing, and if no physical examination is required then the use of Video Consultations may provide a practical alternative.

High Definition video feeds between a GPs computer and the majority of internet connected consumer technology allow a patient to securely hold a discussion, remotely, and still provide a visual presence to each other.

It is expected that this technology won’t replace any existing consultation options but adds an extra layer of patient choice to support and improve a more flexible approach to patient care.