Empowering People

By 2019 the CCG aims to deliver information, support and advice which will enable the community to take control of their own health care.

End of Life Care is the one of our current flagship projects regards this aim; to find out more information please click here

As part of this priority there are flagship projects underway in

Here is an example of this approach in action:

Foresight (North East Lincolnshire): Disability friendly gym

The main aim of the new social enterprise is to offer personalised prevention and wellbeing services to people who, without time limited or ongoing support would be placed at a heightened risk of progressing to higher levels of need in the medium term significantly increasing costs to the NHS for these individuals. Key to the proposal is the establishment of a gym for people with a range of disabilities who either would not or could not access a standard gym.

The key objectives which will deliver health outcomes are as follows:

  • To provide a supportive, relaxed, and non-stigmatised environment to increase access to health related preventative activity for the disabled and disadvantaged communities
  • To maintain people at low levels of need and maximise independence,
  • To provide opportunities to disabled and disadvantaged community members that will lead to a healthier lifestyle and improved quality of life.
  • To increase levels of physical activity reducing the need for health interventions caused by excess weight and obesity
  • To reduce the need for longer term health related care and support.
  • To develop a financially sustainable service

The project has received an investment of £30,000 from the Board and Foresight have contributed a further £34,800 towards the project costs.