Supporting communities

By 2019 the CCG aims to support older people over 65 and those living with Long Term Conditions (LTCs) to live independently and manage their conditions better. We aim to increase the life expectancy of those in the more deprived areas of North east Lincolnshire.

As part of this priority there are significant [projects underway in areas such as

Here is an example of this approach in action :

Friendship at Home

Friendship at Home are developing a service which will offer older people the opportunity to have low level care tasks provided for them. They will employ a Volunteer support worker who will recruit and train volunteers to deliver these services.  There is also admin support required to monitor project.

In order for older to remain independent and to stay in their own home they may need a very low level of support.  This may include help with mail, dog walking, help with going to the shops, washing, ironing etc. The services they wish to deliver will be preventative.  This will enable the older people to stay at home longer. It will also offer regular telephone contact for those who just would like to have the re assurance that they know someone will be talking to them each week.

They plan to deliver a regular safety call, so if families are living away or going on holiday they can visit to make sure that the older person is safe. The organisation also seeks to provide a medication prompt.