Staying Safe in the (unpredictable) British Sunshine

Even though it feels like we have just come out winter, it is important to take care of your skin when you are out and about enjoying the spring sunshine.

Sunburn can be very painful and potentially dangerous, it can also increase your chance of developing skin cancer in future years so it is important you take steps to protect yourself and your family, especially young children and babies whose skin is very sensitive and delicate.

Spend time in the shade when the rays of the sun are at their strongest. In the UK, this is between 11am and 3pm from March to October. Remember, it does not even have to be bright sunshine and you can still burn on cloudy days.

To stay safe, make sure you:

Remember, a suntan does not protect your skin and there are similar health risks associated with sunbeds and other UV tanning equipment.

The Teenage Cancer Trust recently discovered that worryingly nearly 2/3 (61%) of young people aged 13-24 have avoided using sunscreen in order to get a better tan. 

While everyone should take care in the sun, it is especially important for young people, children and babies.

It’s the damage done to your skin when you’re young that could lead to skin cancer developing in later life, so it's vital to understand the dangers and protect yourself from the sun’s rays which can be dangerous even when it’s cloudy.

If you do get burned:

For more advice on avoiding sunburn and staying safe in the sun speak to a pharmacist or visit