Social Prescribing - a different approach

Many of life’s everyday pressures such as money worries, being on your own or housing issues, can take their toll on your health and your ability to be good to yourself. Social Prescribing can help you explore support available in your community that can help you make improvements to your overall health, wellbeing and independence. If you are looking for a different way to improve your long-term health then thrive.nel could be the right prescription for you!

Find out about Social Prescribing

How it is changing people's lives 


What is Thrive.nel?

Thrive.nel is a social prescribing service available to anyone living in North East Lincolnshire aged between 18 and 65, diagnosed with one or more of the following long-term health conditions:

• Asthma • Atrial Fibrillation • COPD • Diabetes • Hyper-tension (high blood pressure)

Working alongside your GP, a Link Worker can explore what’s important to you and help you to identify local activities and services to connect with and benefit from

How it works

Watch the video below to see how Thrive.nel works and hear about how much it has changed one local patient's life for the better.

An experienced Link Worker will spend time getting to know you on a confidential, one-to-one basis. Link Workers are practical and helpful and will not judge you.

If you decide thrive.nel is right for you, your Link Worker will work with you to help you decide what you’d like to do to improve your health, wellbeing and independence. Your Link Worker has experience of working in communities and will take time to find activities that are right for you. We understand that it’s not always easy doing things differently on your own and your Link Worker will be right there to support you along the way.

What activities and support does thrive.nel offer?

Here are a few examples of the kind of activities and support your Link Worker can help you connect with:

•Help with welfare benefits, debt, housing  •Support with money management

•Getting more active •Access to gym, walking clubs & keep fit classes •Weight loss advice

•Stopping smoking advice •Dietary advice  •Gardening and growing •Social clubs and activities

•Community learning •Getting involved by volunteering

How do I find out more?

You can download the full leaflet by clicking here.

If you live in North East Lincolnshire and want to try a different prescription please ask your GP about making a referral to thrive.nel. Or you can contact thrive.nel at Centre4 where one of our team will be happy to talk to you about how we can help. thrive.nel are based at Centre4 and we are open from 9-5 Monday to Friday. Call 01472 236675 Email thrive.nel Centre4 17a Wootton Road Grimsby DN33 1HE

Patient Stories

Finding a way forward

Mr A was referred into Thrive by his GP due to unmanaged high blood pressure.  He was frequently attending the doctor’s and was at the time signed off work for four weeks.

Mr A explained to his Thrive link worker that he was unhappy in his job, his home life  was chaotic and he could not see a way forward.  He also said that his housing conditions were not suitable for his family and he felt socially isolated with no one to confide in.

Using an online assessment tool called the Wellbeing Star, the Link Worker was able to encourage him to identify his issues and with support, tackle them individually with an action plan.

As a first step, Mr A was referred to Centre4 Advice Service who undertook a full benefit check with him. There he received help to access more suitable accommodation for his family through Home Choice Lincs.  He also received support with an application for child DLA for his son; this maximised his income and enabled him to consider a less stressful job with a slightly lower salary.

He was then referred to CPO, one of the Social Prescribing Tier 2 providers who signposted Mr A to a local football training club where he was able to take part again in an activity he used to enjoy.  He also received advice on healthy eating and was referred into the Grimsby Full Families Programme where families can access activities and support together.

The difference in Mr A at his 6 month review with his Link Worker was amazing:

  • he no longer requires medication for Hypertension
  • he has a new, much less stressful job which he enjoys; his salary has decreased slightly but he is still able to manage his finances. 
  • he now plays football every week
  • he has reduced his consumption of alcohol to weekends only, as opposed to every night
  • he told his Link Worker that just having someone to talk to who would listen and support him was the most powerful thing he had gained from the programme.