Better Care Fund

Background to the Better Care Fund

The Care Act 2014 introduced the Better Care Fund (BCF).  It has been described by the Government as “one of the most ambitious programmes ever introduced across the NHS and local government”.  The BCF is designed to promote integration between health and social care, and to create a local single pooled budget to incentivise the NHS and local government to work more closely together.

In North East Lincolnshire health and social care has been integrated since 2007, and a single pooled budget has been maintained since that time.  In 2007, the local Council transferred its adult social care responsibilities to the CCG (then known as Care Trust Plus) via a special agreement under s75 of the NHS Act 2006.  This means that the CCG is responsible for commissioning both health and social care on behalf of the population of North East Lincolnshire, in conjunction with the Council.

Each area is required to submit a shared plan each year, setting out how they will spend the funds held within their singled pooled budget in a way that will support the health and wellbeing of their local population.  Compliance with the BCF is a legal requirement, so North East Lincolnshire has to submit plans setting out its progress towards integration like all other areas across the country.  The Council and the CCG work together to create BCF plans, as part of their on-going partnership. 

North East Lincolnshire’s BCF Plans
North East Lincolnshire’s first BCF plan was created in the Autumn of 2014, and can be accessed by clicking here

North East Lincolnshire’s second BCF plan was created in the Spring of 2016, and can be accessed by clicking here

North East Lincolnshire’s third BCF plan was created in the Autumn of 2017, and can be accessed by clicking here

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