The Way Forward 2017 - Feedback Report

The Way Forward Event  - March 2017

More than 100 people joined us at The Way Forward Public and Stakeholder engagement event on March 8th at the Humber Royal Hotel or the Bite-sized meeting the following week at Centre4. 

We held these meetings to share information about the work going on to make local health and care services more sustainable by exploring how we can do things differently and make sure organisations work more closely together.

Health and social care leaders presented information and answered questions put to them by participants about the plans for new local models of health and social care; what the Humber Coast and Vale Sustainable Transformation Plan (STP) could mean for people in North East Lincolnshire, and the CCG’s priorities for the coming year.

Please read The Way Forward Feedback Report and Update

The report details the presentations and information provided at the Way Forward event and highlights the feedback that was received from people participating in the event and the outcomes from the discussion groups and workshops.

It is important that our health and care system can live within its means while protecting, prioritising and safeguarding people who have the most complex care needs in our local community.

The involvement and feedback from the public at these interactive events allows us to understand the thoughts people have about NHS services and explore the ways in which improvements can be made in order to meet the needs of people in North East Lincolnshire.