Delegated Primary Care Commissioning

The CCG has primary care delegated commissioning arrangements with NHS England.

This means that CCGs will make local decisions about how primary care services are commissioned for their local populations.

Delegated commissioning is only for Primary Care services. This does not include optometry, dental and pharmacy services.

Whilst there are similarities in healthcare needs across the country, each area has different challenges and needs within it. CCGs have a good knowledge of their local populations needs through their involvement with Health and Wellbeing Boards, local practices and patient and public engagement insights.

Taking on more of this responsibility from NHS England will mean that the needs of the local population will be taken into account and any engagement of people within the local area is linked commissioning ensuring patients, communities and clinicians have more involvement in determining their local health care services for the future.

In order to deliver delegated commissioning across North East Lincolnshire, the CCG has a Primary Care Commissioning Committee that is responsible for the commissioning of GP services and for the delivery of the local primary care strategy.