Primary Care Networks

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are made up of GP practices working together and with community, mental health, social care, pharmacy, hospital and voluntary services in their local areas to meet the needs of local people.

Many people are now living longer with long term conditions or suffer with mental health issues and primary care networks enable more proactive, personalised, coordinated and more integrated health and social care to address these health needs.

The networks are based on GP registered lists, serving a population of around 30,000 to 50,000. They are small enough to provide the personal care and benefits for patients and GPs, but large enough to have impact and economies of scale through better collaboration between practices and others in the local health and social care system.

As of 1st April 2020 there are three PCNs across North East Lincolnshire which are named as follows:

  • Freshney Pelham
  • Meridian Health Group
  • Panacea

A list of practices that are included within each PCN, the Clinical Directors and patient list sizes as of 1st January, 2020 and contact email addresses are available in the document NELCCG Primary Care Networks

Find out more about the PCNs and how they are already making a difference to staff and patients across the country with some case studies on the NHS website Primary Care Networks.

This short film explains how primary care networks (PCNs) allow health services to work together to provide better access for patients.