Dementia Vision and Forward Plan Consultation

Over recent months a range of professionals, community members and interested parties have been working together to draft an idea of what North East Lincolnshire’s vision is for those with dementia and their carers. The discussions have included looking at the gaps, areas for improvement and what to date has worked well.

The details of the draft Vision and Forward Plan can be viewed online by clicking Here. We would like to widen our engagement to include all of those in North East Lincolnshire with dementia and their carers, wider professional groups and the community as a whole. We would really welcome your comments on the Vision and Forward Plan. Please could you comment on the following questions, returning your answers by post, email or by telephone as detailed below?

1. a. Do you agree with the Vision we have written?
b. If not, how would you change the Vision?

2. a. Are there any other gaps that have not been identified that you would like included?
b. If so, what are the gaps?

3. a. Does the Action Plan include all actions you wish to see for the next year?
b. If not, which actions are missing? And who should be responsible for that action/s?

4. Do you have any further comments on the Vision and Forward Plan?

Please send all responses using your preferred method:, 0300 3000 428

FAO Amy Tristman, NEL Clinical Commissioning Group, Athena Building, 5 Saxon Court, Gilbey Road, Grimsby, DN31 2UJ

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