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Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2020-2021 Joint statement by NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG and North East Lincolnshire Council   

Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement 2019-20

Joint statement by NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG and North East Lincolnshire Council (NELC)  
NHS Constitution for England The principles and values of the NHS in England, and information on how to make a complaint about NHS services.  
North East Lincolnshire CCG Constitution The Constitution includes the main governance rules of the CCG, including for example, the key processes for decision making, ensuring transparency, & managing conflicts of interest Effective from February 2019
Bribery Act Statement    
NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) Implementing the Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES) is a requirement for NHS commissioners and NHS healthcare providers including independent organisations. You can find out more by clicking here.  
Financial & Performance Publications
£25k Plus Spend In accordance with the HM Treasury guidance ‘Transparency – Publication of Spend over £25,000’, North East Lincolnshire CCG has made a commitment to publish all transactions over £25,000. You can view details of the transactions by downloading the monthly reports at the bottom of the page.   
Operational Scheme of Delegation    20/03/2017

Scheme of Delegation Financial Limits                                                  

Penalties & Charges    
Latest Annual Report and Accounts Links to the latest Annual Report and Accounts. July 2020
Latest Annual Audit Letter    
Mental Health Investment Standard Statement This is the CCG's assurance reports in respect of compliance with the Mental Health Investment Standard July 2020
Archived Annual Report and Accounts Links to previous Annual Reports going back to the CCG's 1st published ARA in 2013/14  
Archived Annual Audit Letters    
Declaration of Interest Publications
Standards of Business Conduct & Conflict of Interest Policy

More information about how the CCG manages Conflicts of Interest can be found by visiting

Declaration of Interest Register December 2018- November 2019   10/12/2019
Declaration of Minutes Register December 2018 - November 2019   10/12/2019
Register of Gifts and Hospitality April 2019 to November 2019   10/12/2019
Breaches Register (December 2018 - November 2019)   16/12/2019
Strategies, Plans & General Policies

Adult Strategy

You can still read the old Adult Care Strategy and action plan by clicking the link below:

Adult Social Care Strategy

This document, published in booklet form, sets out some of the challenges we have in North East Lincolnshire, our shared vision to tackle these and the outcomes we want to achieve to help our adult population to live the best lives they can.





North East Lincolnshire Strategic Estates Plan (2015 -2020)   25/04/2016
North East Lincolnshire Union Strategic Plan 2020-24

The North East Lincolnshire Union Strategic Plan 2020-2024 was developed prior to the Covid19 pandemic and whilst our resolve to achieve our strategic outcomes remains, the long term impact of Covid19 is yet to be realised and accordingly, this Plan may be subject to future change.

Humber Coast and Vale Sustainability and Transformation Partnership Strategies and Plans The CCG is part of a partnership of 28 health and social care organisations working together to improve the wellbeing of people living in North East Lincolnshire and its wider neighbours in the area referred to as Humber, Coast and Vale.  

North East Lincolnshire CCG Engagement Strategy

The aim of this strategy is to provide the CCG Governing Body, Council of Members, partner organisations and the public with not only a vision of how engagement should be shaped but also a route map of how this activity will influence our work  
North East Lincolnshire CCG Primary Care Strategy 2019-2024 The North East Lincolnshire locality, or ‘place’, is working towards improving outcomes for individuals through integrated care provision, delivered by a partnership of organisations: the Integrated Care Partnership (ICP). General practice sits firmly at the heart of this, and primary care has a significant part to play in supporting self-management and ensuring individuals get the right care at the right time, when they need it. The ICP will work collaboratively across the Humber, Coast and Vale Partnership footprint (or Integrated Care System – ICS) to ensure access for the local population to good quality care for services that are delivered across a wider footprint.  
North East Lincolnshire CCG Primary Care Strategy 2019-2024 Equality Impact Assessment    
Freedom of Information and Environmental Information Regulations Policy    
North East Lincolnshire CCG Freedom to Speak Up (Whistle Blowing) Policy    
Humber Information Sharing Charter     
Serious Incident Policy and Standard Operating Procedure    
North East Lincolnshire CCG Procurement Strategy This procurement Strategy sets out how NHS North East Lincolnshire CCG will develop its procurement activities. It does not set out the detailed procurement processes or approval routes as these will be covered by the CCG’s Organisational Scheme of Delegation and Procurement Policies and Procedures. See below.  
North East Lincolnshire CCG Procurement Policy    

Individual Funding Requests Policy and Procedures of Low Clinical Value

Humber Wave 2 Single Policy Document

Humber Single Commissioning Statement

NEL CCG Sole Commissioning Statement

An individual funding request can be made by the clinician treating you if they believe that because your clinical circumstances are exceptional, you may receive benefit from a treatment or service that isn’t routinely offered by the NHS.



Please read the two commissioning statements in conjunction with the above policy



Access to Infertility treatment Commissioning Policy




Gamete harvesting and storage

This document represents the commissioning policy of North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group for the clinical pathway which provides access to specialist fertility services.  This commissioning policy has been developed in partnership with the Yorkshire and Humber Expert Fertility Panel. It is intended to provide a framework for the commissioning of services for those couples who are infertile and require infertility interventions.

The policy was developed jointly by Clinical Commissioning Groups in the Yorkshire and Humber area and provides a common view of the clinical pathway and criteria for commissioning services which have been adopted by North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group.

Gamete harvesting and storage policy - please see link below to the NEL CCG Sole Commissioning Statement Fertility Intervention Gamete Harvesting and Storage (page 12).

NEL CCG Sole Commissioning Statement

Making Experience Count - Complaints and Representations Policy for Adult Social Care and CCG Services

This document details the way in which compliments, feedback or complaints made about the CCG itself, or its commissioned services, will be addressed under the Local Authority Social Services and National Health Service Complaints (England) Regulations 2009. The services to which this policy applies include the CCG itself, or any health and social care services commissioned by the CCG

Equality and Diversity Policy    
Adult Services Publications & Policies               
Adult Social Care Local Account - latest    
Adult Social Care Local Account - Archive Archive of Adult Social Care Local Account publications going back to 2011/12  
Deprivation of Liberty in Hospital - Agreed Principles (a Memorandum of Understanding)

A memorandum of understanding of the law at the interface between the Mental Health Act 1983 and Mental Capacity Act 2005, signed by commissioners, mental health and social care teams


Micro-Commissioning in Adult Social Care, Continuing Healthcare and Funded Nursing Care:Principles of Consistent, Pragmatic, and Ethical Decision Making For Staff

Engagement Report for above policy

This policy provides the framework within which micro-commissioning decisions are taken regarding allocation of adult social care, NHS continuing healthcare (CHC) and funded nursing care (FNC), in North East Lincolnshire.  This document should be read in tandem with the 3 year plan set out within the area’s Adult Social Care Strategy 2015.  The Strategy can be found at

This document replaces the Adult Social Care Procedure, Placement Policy. 

Continuing Health Care Overarching Policy                                                                Links to the Choice policy and Personal Health Care Budgets can be found within this policy. For full details on Personal Health Care Budgets please click here  
NHS Continuing Healthcare - Draft Redress Guidance    
Mental Capacity Act 2005 and Deprivation of Liberty Policy    
Best Interests Assessors' Competencies Framework    
Best Interests Assessors Training Agreement    
Market Intelliegence and Failing Services Policy and Procedure

Despite best efforts to regulate the local care market, services are interrupted and sometimes fail.  Difficulties can occur for many reasons.   The role of commissioners is to monitor and identify threats within provider organisations and to intervene early where appropriate.

This policy and procedure details how North East Lincolnshire Clinical Commissioning Group (‘the CCG’), with the membership of the Market Intelligence/Failing Services Group (‘the MIFS Group’), will coordinate and manage responses to a service interruption or failure.  Actions and procedure will differ depending on the type of service provision in question.

North East Lincolnshire Adult Services Review - Final Report


The independent report from the 2018 local adult services review, produced by FutureGov  

North East Lincolnshire Adult Services Review - Return Visit Final Report Independent report produced by FutureGov following the 2019 local adult services review return visit to understand the progress that has been made against delivering the roadmap, what this means for user experience, and how leadership can continue to provide strong direction for the project going forward.  
Terms of Reference for the Appeal Panel

The Terms of Reference for the Appeal Panel, which considers appeals from service users or their representatives financial against charges, formal complaints relating to charging, and decisions of the Risk and Quality Panel.

December 2018
Children and Young People  
Northern Lincolnshire Child Death Review Arrangements 2019/20

This plan outlines the intentions of the Northern Lincolnshire Child Death Review which will come into effect from 29th September. Current Child Death Review information can be found here on the Safer NEL website.

You can find out more about the 2019/20 Northern Lincolnshire Child Death Review Arrangements by clicking here.

North East Lincolnshire’s Transformation Plan for Children & Young People’s Mental Health & Emotional Wellbeing 2019/2020 The purpose of this refresh document is to highlight the key achievements which have been undertaken and detail the future plans for the Local Transformation Plan (LPT) in North East Lincolnshire (NEL).  
External Reports and Publications  
An independent investigation into the care and treatment of a mental health service user A in NAViGO: Published March 2020

This is the report of the independent investigation into the care and treatment of a mental health service user A in NAViGO.